Why Portland Polyfidelity

Some quotes members said at the last meetup:

  • “Sometimes it’s amazing, if you show your true self, people show up.”
  • “There are a lot of polyamory groups. But this is the first time I’ve been out and really been comfortable. People here don’t have an agenda.”
  • “This isn’t about what a night could be but about what a life could be.”
  • “You just have to put it out there in the universe and you will find it.”
  • “‘This group doesn’t have any rules?’ ‘Just consent.'”

For members, compared to polyamory more generally, polyfidelity is about some or all of these:

  • for me it’s not about choosing pros and cons; it’s who I am
  • long-term, forevers
  • non-hierarchical/equal-ish, not centered on one or two people
  • having compersion and friendships with partners and metas
  • one relationship with multiple people
  • living together